Founded in January 2010, the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) is a non-profit political society organization committed to creating a political environment that guarantees that only the best, brightest and most competent Nigerians are democratically elected into public office, bound by a credible constitution that promotes and protects the rights of every Nigerian.

Our Objectives

  • Unblocking and Enlightening the minds of Nigerians with the message of Political Participation;
  • Restoring the Voice of the Voiceless;
  • De-freezing Social Mobility;
  • Restoring Sovereignty to Nigerians.

Our Core Belief

SNG believes that the time has come for purposeful and visionary Nigerians to lead this nation rather than the current situation where the worst of us continue to rule over the rest of us.

What We Do

As a political society organization, we interact with stakeholders on both sides of the power equation, namely, the people and the government. We mobilize the people for the right action that each occasion demands providing the needed support and leadership as the people organize themselves on the strength of their legitimate claim to sovereignty. As advocates of good governance, we speak truth to power and demand policy and governmental positions for the benefit of the people. In line with our core beliefs, we are galvanizing a critical mass of men and women, boys and girls, old and young in the days and weeks ahead to challenge and change the status quo and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH as we join hands to demand a Nigeria that befits Nigerians.