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    We The People of Nigeria comprised of the masses, the folks, the community, the proletariat, the common people including students, professionals and business people from all works of life, young and old, men and women, boys and girls, at home and in the Diaspora, through whom the privileged occupiers of office derive their power, in defence of our rights and privileges, which we shall henceforth demand from every government and shall no longer yield to any oppressive government, and in fulfillment of our obligation to rebuild our nation in the areas where it is broken, hereby make the following pledge:
    • We accept responsibility for change in our nation
    • We work to restructure our nation for peaceful coexistence, good governance and development
    • We are a radical opposition to corruption
    • We pay tax and fulfill other civic responsibilities
    • We inspire our family, friends and colleagues to do likewise
    • We volunteer our time and talents for the cause of good governance
    • We give for the cause
    • We organize our communities for the cause
    • We mobilize for voter registration and participation in support of credible people
    • We live by integrity and build capacity for leadership
    • We offer ourselves for leadership
    • We hold government accountable to an irreducible minimum standard of governance
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    I understand and accept that the following actions are prohibited on this forum and therefore pledge to desist from them:
    • Posting content that fails to contribute to the topic
    • Adding threads or posts with the same content multiple times
    • Posting to solicit assistance
    • Posting to advertise products or services
    • Posting threads with misleading titles
    • Posting offensive, harassing, defaming, insulting or abusive threads
    • Any post that seeks to create unrest in the forum or to denigrate a member or the moderator, administrator or SNG
    • Posting a new thread for a topic that is already being discussed
    • Posting a thread that is not relevant to a given interest area or subforum (e.g. posting education topics on the national security forum without creating a logical and intelligent linkage)
    • Posting the same thread across several subfora
    • Discussing disciplinary actions taken by moderator or administrator
    • Registering as multiple identities
    • Posting profane or vulgar threads
    • Promoting illicit activities
    • Any other post or action that is contrary to natural justice or that can undermine public safety
    I understand that posts which tend towards any of the above prohibited attributes is against the spirit of We the People and will not be uploaded and that the moderator/administrator reserves the right to delete or redirect such posts if by omission it is otherwise uploaded and confirmed to be in violation of this code of conduct
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