We The People

As we embrace 2014, a remarkable year in the history of Nigeria and a critical year in the destiny of the nation, Nigeria is at a crossroads. While politicians are busy scheming for 2015, SNG has maintained that a current focus on 2015 is a misplacement of priorities. The current structure is unsustainable and restructuring is inevitable if this nation must rise above its challenges to fulfill her destiny. To this end, SNG cautiously welcomes the government’s move to bring Nigerians to the dialogue table for the National Conference, as it appears that the conference could be our chance to salvage the nation. However, with the sincerity of the government questionable and non-ruling partisan politicians antagonistic to the conference, there is the need for a non-partisan voice to actively spearhead the course of a national dialogue and to mobilize the people towards seizing this opportunity to take their destiny in their hands. Therefore, SNG presents “We The People”, a platform for Nigerians to negotiate the destiny of the nation and to demand an irreducible minimum standard of governance across sectors. The programme features include:

  • The Online Forum: SNG is providing Nigerians with a platform to articulate their dream of a New Nigeria and debate the terms of her existence in twelve critical sectors or gates under the moderation of a gatekeeper who is an expert in the field (Click to go to the forum)
  • Community Action: Nigerians in communities across the six geopolitical zones who wish to make their positions known on the state of our nation and their picture of her preferred future now have the opportunity to do so with SNG. SNG encourages community dwellers to organize themselves, articulate community positions on the Nigeria question, obtain signatures from community members and send/mail/post them to the SNG secretariat (For details on how to contact SNG, click to go to contact page)
  • The Offline Forum: Active members of the online forum as well as active community organizers will be invited periodically for offline dialogue sessions. Positions articulated in the online and offline fora will be distilled by SNG into a comprehensive position by the Nigerian people having legitimate claim to the phrase “We the people”

This is your chance to be heard where it matters. So, get started!
For further enquiries, please call the SNG Secretariat.