Q: Is SNG a political party?

  • SNG is not a political party but a political society organization.

Q: Why is SNG referred to as a political society organization and not as a civil society organization?

  • Civil society includes individuals and organizations that are independent of the government even if they do work with the government to implement policy or to advocate citizens rights and freedoms. The term ‘political society’, on the other hand, connotes a more active level of governmental participation. Although political society is traditionally restricted to political parties, in the SNG context, we believe that sovereignty lies with the people who, whether or not as members of political parties, must actively determine the terms on which they are governed, elect public officials to govern on those terms, offer themselves for governmental responsibility and hold government accountable to the terms of the social contract.

Q: Which political party does SNG support?

  • SNG is non-partisan and, as such, does not belong to any political party even though its members have their respective political affiliations. Nevertheless, as part of our mandate, we have had to consult with political parties, assess their plans and programmes for the Nigerian people and make endorsements based on the readiness of parties and candidates to prioritize the people and adhere to an irreducible minimum standard of governance.

Q: Does SNG provide advocacy services for individuals or groups in cases of human rights violation by the state, groups or individuals?

  • As a political society organization, our core mandate is to unblock the minds of Nigerians, defreeze social mobility, restore the voice of the voiceless and to let the Nigerian people know that sovereignty belongs to them so that they can demand an irreducible minimum standard of governance from the state. Where it falls within our mandate, SNG will lend its political weight to the defence of the rights of individual citizens or groups. However, as most human rights issues are legal issues, we often refer complainants to appropriate legal aid organizations.

Q: Does SNG have branches in other states of Nigeria or in the Diaspora?

  • As a movement, SNG has millions of supporters across the federation and in the Diaspora but there are as yet no official branches of SNG.

Q: How can I become a member of SNG?

  • You may register online by filling the membership registration form or you may visit the SNG secretariat to register as a member.

Q: How can I know more about SNG?

  • You may visit or call the SNG secretariat from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm Nigerian time except on public holidays. Click here to contact SNG.