FALSE REPORT: “N10m Bribery Scandal: SNG gives Buhari 72 hours ultimatum to sack CCT chairman”



The Save Nigeria Group (SNG) wishes to categorically distance itself and its members from a Vanguard newspaper article in the above-stated connection. Mr. Benedict Ezeagu, the alleged convener of a press conference during which an ultimatum was issued to President Buhari, is neither a member of the Save Nigeria Group nor its National Co-ordinator. Furthermore, the designation ‘National Co-ordinator’ does not exist in SNG’s leadership structure. This is an act of impersonation and a deliberate attempt to convert a respected platform for malicious intent. Please disregard any information that is not shared or verified through any of our legitimate platforms:

Web: www.savenigeriagroup.com
Facebook: facebook.com/savenigeriagroup
Twitter: twitter.com/savenigeria

Convened by Pastor ‘Tunde Bakare in 2010, the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and will seek legal redress for this infraction.

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