My Personal Naija Story


Hello Nigerians, how do you do and how has it felt being a Nigerian in the past few years? Perhaps your name is Adamu and you live in Maiduguri and you know what it means to live with the fear of Boko Haram; or your name is Chukwudi and you couldn’t dare travel home last Christmas because of your experience with kidnappers the previous year; or maybe you are Kemi in Ogbomoso and armed robbers have been terrorizing your community and a friend of yours who got raped  by robbers while at home due to ASUU strike had a disappointing encounter with the police; well, yours may be none of these;

Maybe you are Stacy in Port Harcourt, a beautiful young lady whose boyfriend is afraid to propose because he has been unable to get a job since he concluded his NYSC last year as he is not one of the 1.6 million Nigerians Jonathan says he provided jobs for in 2013 and you are getting really frustrated; or you are TY, a young enterprising Nigerian whose business is struggling because you cannot keep up with the cost of diesel, taxes and bribes; or you are Johnny who has just come to Lagos from New York to resume work with a multinational and you got screwed by the taxi driver and got a shocker when the lights first went off in your apartment and you’re wondering how long you can cope;

Hey! its definitely not all  bad. Nigeria has been good to many Nigerians too: jobs, marriages, contracts, admissions, and many more;

Well, whoever you are, and whatever your story, sad or joyful, as long as you are a Nigerian, this segment is yours! If Nigeria has affected you in any personal way and you would love to share, send your story to and it will be published here.  You just might be read by someone who can learn from your experience or someone who can give you a timely suggestion or, who knows, by someone who can act on your behalf. So, get started, send us your Naija story.

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